At the forefront of 8agora's revolutionary technology is its highly flexible and scalable software architecture, designed to facilitate real-time collaboration and immersive virtual experiences. The cloud-based client application eliminates the need for software installation, compressing data traffic between the cloud and the client to an adaptive stream below 500KBps and enabling collaborative avatar control and interaction with 3D objects across expansive virtual landscapes. By efficiently leveraging GPU resources, the platform supports multiple simultaneous sessions in green-energy data centers, ensuring both sustainability and high performance. Operating securely on a single port (https 443), it meets the stringent security requirements of corporate networks while maintaining data sovereignty and organizational control through its decentralized infrastructure. With cutting-edge AI integration, 8agora revolutionizes avatar interaction, enabling navigation through facial expressions and creating controllable digital twins that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. With device-agnostic accessibility and seamless virtualization of any software, 8agora is reshaping the landscape of virtual collaboration and digital experiences.

Overcoming Technology Barriers

To ensure the flourishing of the Metaverse, a robust physical infrastructure with widespread internet access and minimal latency is paramount. Presently, one of the primary challenges hindering a seamless user experience in the Metaverse is the limited capabilities of existing internet networks. Overcoming this obstacle requires the widespread adoption of 5G technology by telecommunication providers.

Moreover, device affordability poses a significant barrier to access, alongside concerns regarding connectivity and bandwidth. Virtual Reality (VR) experiences necessitate advanced, costly headsets and powerful computers. Furthermore, certain Metaverse platforms restrict access to specific device brands, raising concerns about inclusivity. The overarching concern is to ensure accessibility for all individuals, irrespective of their financial circumstances.

8agora overcomes these challenges with its innovative technology solution. By rendering the client application in the cloud and employing a novel compressed pixel streaming engine, 8agora drastically reduces data traffic between the cloud and the user's device. This approach alleviates strain on existing internet networks, enabling users to access expansive virtual environments with just a standard internet connection and any web-enabled device.

Additionally, 8agora's device-agnostic nature ensures users can access virtual environments from various devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and VR headsets. This accessibility eliminates the need for sophisticated and expensive hardware, making virtual experiences more affordable and inclusive. Furthermore, by efficiently leveraging GPU resources, 8agora supports multiple simultaneous sessions in green-energy data centers, contributing to environmental sustainability while broadening access to the Metaverse. In summary, 8agora's technology solutions play a pivotal role in overcoming barriers to internet capacity and device affordability, fostering a more accessible and inclusive Metaverse for all users.

Our Technology Benefits

8agora is a revolutionary built-from-the-ground-up architecture that seamlessly integrates the client application with the streaming application, setting a new standard for remote streaming capabilities in the cloud. This integration marks a paradigm shift, redefining traditional notions of server-client dynamics and unlocking unprecedented possibilities for users to engage in remote streaming sessions with unparalleled ease and efficiency.


Revolutionizing Accessibility: With 8agora's cutting-edge cloud-based client application, extensive virtual environments are efficiently compressed into a single adaptive audio/video stream, ensuring smooth delivery to users at <500KBps. This innovative approach guarantees accessibility for users across any device with a web browser and a standard internet connection, eliminating the need for substantial bandwidth requirements. Users can seamlessly engage with immersive experiences without limitations, heralding a new era of accessibility and convenience in virtual interactions.


Cloud Editing Tool:  8agora's API library simplifies domain content management and editing directly from the cloud-based client interface, fostering tailored virtual domains and real-time 3D model collaboration without recompilation. Accessing web applications and sounds from any source enriches the environment, while instant visibility ensures seamless changes.

Custmer Owned Digital Assets:
With a decentralized infrastructure, customers host GPU's and Virtual Domain Servers, enabling scalable multi-cloud simulations.


Strengthening Virtual Frontiers: 8agora's innovative architecture revolutionizes secure pixel streaming, enabling the entire application to operate seamlessly over a single secure port (https 443), making it ideal for enterprise corporate networks with strict network policies.  This streamlined approach eliminates the need for software installation on user devices, ensuring effortless accessibility.

Additionally, sessions automatically terminate upon the user closing their browser, enhancing security and user convenience.


Eco-Friendly Cloud Computing:  By executing all graphics rendering and major data traffic within the cloud infrastructure, the cloud-based client application retrieves the entire content from the domain server, thus offloading the computational burden from the user's device. With 8agora's novel pixel streaming engine, large data transfers between the cloud and user machines are eliminated, enabling seamless access from low-power web-enabled devices. This architecture presents an eco-friendly solution, enabling a single GPU server in the cloud to manage multiple simultaneous sessions. This capability facilitates deployment in green-energy data centers, contributing to a sustainable computing environment that aligns with the global push for more environmentally friendly technology solutions.


Enhancing User Engagement: 8agora's cloud-based client app integrates AI algorithms for unparelled user experience.  This includes lip syncing, bi-directional spatial audio, natural avatar movement, AI-enabled voice commands, face tracking, facial navigation, live recordings, and translation. AI-powered virtual assistants offer a virtual shopping experience where comprehensive product information and expert guidance, ensure informed decisions. 

Digital Twin AI-Enabled Sensor Integration: 8agora's API seamlessly integrates with sensor hardware, synchronizing real-time data with live products for collection, monitoring, control, and display of sensor and telemetry data, paving the way for innovative use cases across various industries.


Transforming Interaction: 8agora empowers users to remotely control avatars, interact with each other and 3D objects, and synchronize digital twins with live machines, facilitating real-time control, monitoring and display of sensor and telemetry data. The platform offers augmented live video streaming, enabling users to stream live video directly inside the virtual environment. Users can connect external smart displays for a hybrid interaction and benefit from dynamic productivity tools like virtual browsers, simultaneous interaction with scrum boards and whiteboards, and real-time transcription and translation services for over 200 languages. Live recording capabilities from the avatar's perspective further enhance collaboration, offering integrated GenAI technology for meeting summaries.