We’ve redefined the Metaverse with a built-from-the-ground-up, scalable and powerful software engine we call 8agora.  It is a highly optimized tool that provides real-time collaboration between users and applications, and scales across industries and applications.  We enable a virtual world where users can interact in real-time to: 

  • Work, learn, collaborate, socialize, shop, attend interactive therapy sessions 
  • Synchronize digital twins with live products for interactive and collaborative product demonstrators, exhibitions, and training 
  • Synchronize digital twins with live manufacturing processes
  • Remotely access real-time telemetry data, collect, monitor, and control Big Sensor Data in a factory or warehouse.

Technology Challenges

While leading technology companies continue to invest significant dollars in developing a Metaverse that scales to address a broad range of requirements, they are faced with several obstacles, resulting in slow market adoption.  These include:

High costs and inefficiencies with GPU compute requirements
Expensive Virtual Reality headsets and gaming computers
Health concerns with extended use of Virtual Reality headsets
Internet connection restraints caused by high bandwidth requirements
Interoperability challenges
Scalability challenges
Security concerns for Enterprises with strict security policies due to multiple ports required and software installations with frequent over-the-air updates

Our Technology Benefits

8agora is a revolutionary built-from-the-ground-up architecture that integrates the client application with the streaming application, thereby redefining the boundaries of the traditional server-client architecture to enable remote streaming sessions in the cloud.


Best-in-class user experience enabling real-time virtualization of worlds.

Scalable, collaborative platform, interactive in real-time, offers all the tools of a live meeting.

Synchronize digital twin with live product to deliver real time telemetry data

Remote application streaming renders graphics in the cloud using a bandwidth-adaptive streaming technique reducing user internet requirement to only 1-2Mbps.


Accessible from any device with a web browser.

Flexible API enables functionality to be easily scaled to different projects without recompiling.

Distributed services enables easy management of domain content and direct editing from the client interface for allowing simulation for a large number of simultaneous users in real-time.

Easy collaborative and real-time import of 3D models and creation of 3D shapes, particles, web entities, zones, lights, texts, and materials.


Only a single port required to run entire application, making 8agora an excellent choice for restrictive enterprise corporate networks.

Client application software runs in cloud and not on user device

Eliminates software installation on user device.

Eliminates over-the-air software updates on user device. (Platform agnostic)

Streams Secure pixels and end-user inputs using end-to-end AES-256.

Session automatically terminates when user closes browser.


8agora's remote streaming method enables compute intensive graphics for virtual environment to render remotely in the cloud. 

8agora's cloud streaming optimizations reduces cloud graphics requirements by a factor of 20 where GPU resources are shared between 20 sessions.  

Eliminates large data transfers between cloud and user machines

Eliminates  need for expensive, power-hungry gaming computer. Since all graphics rendering in cloud, works from any device.

Lower Power, Lower GPU processing in cloud and no GPU processing at user device = lower cost!