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Imagine sitting in a virtual meeting and seamlessly transitioning onto a live factory floor, witnessing processes unfold in real time. Machines, equipped to collect, monitor, predict, control and display extensive sensor data, offer users collaborative control over entire factories. With 8agora, this dynamic collaboration extends beyond borders, enabling users to monitor multiple facilities worldwide from the comfort of their homes. Welcome to the Industrial Metaverse redefined, where 8agora revolutionizes engagement, collaboration, and control in an interconnected digital landscape.

In the democratized Metaverse crafted by 8agora, collaboration extends beyond virtual meetings, learning, shopping, and work; it seamlessly integrates interactions with live machines. By uniting our collaborative Metaverse with Digital Twins, we embark on a journey into the Industrial Metaverse, transforming it into a MetaFactory. Digital twins synchronize with live products, empowering users to collect, monitor, control, and display vital sensor and telemetry data. This integration enables the visualization of machine processes and performance, remote access to machines for configuring parameters, and real-time monitoring of telemetry data for essential insights into machine maintenance.

UNLOCK IoT EXCELLENCE: Monitor Digital Twins in Real-time

With 8agora, effortlessly create a digital twin of your product and access real-time telemetry data from sensors measuring vital environmental factors like humidity, water levels, light intensity, LED spectrum, and temperature. Control and monitor your product's crucial sensor information in real time from any device with a web browser, utilizing just a standard internet connection. Experience the live stream of your product, highlighting the platform's dynamic and interactive capabilities. Welcome to the future of IoT visualization and control with 8agora.

OPTIMIZE OPERATIONS: Real-Time Facility Control

Simplify your operation with 8agora's user-friendly platform, streamlining processes, and optimizing energy costs through a Digital Twin of your facilities. Access real-time telemetry data, including electricity usage, power usage per facility, hourly costs, and other key parameters, from anywhere in the world and on any device with a web browser. Empower Facility Managers with the ability to monitor crucial sensor data across multiple locations in real time, enhancing efficiency and control.

REVOLUTIONIZE OPERATIONS: Real-Time Digital Twin Control

Revolutionize your operations with 8agora's remote access to a synchronized digital twin, easily accessible from any device in real time. Unlock interactive readings of sensor telemetry, process data, and maintenance information, enabling you to take command and display key coordinates such as head for each axis, temperature data, and more. With 8agora, seamlessly bring control and profound insights to your fingertips, fundamentally transforming the way you interact with and monitor your live products.

8AGORA: Transforming Industrial Operations in the Metaverse

8agora empowers users to visualize, access, and control machine processes, leveraging real-time telemetry data for insights. It enables product tracking on assembly lines and enables web-based augmented reality for portable, real-time operator information. Facilitate video-based maintenance, work safety, and training, while also monitoring warehouse component availability. Welcome to a transformed Industrial Metaverse, where 8agora enhances engagement, collaboration, and operational efficiency.