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COVID-19 has forever changed the global landscape, resulting in a rapid transformation of the workplace. A new reality has emerged with digital workforces that support both virtual and physical collaboration. Enterprise IT teams are being tasked to support hybrid workforces while continuing to adhere to strict enterprise security policies. Industries are being catapulted forward to enable the virtualization of automated processes, and intelligent collaboration of virtual environments across the enterprise and industrial workflows.

8agora is an end-to-end distributed framework that enables multi-user collaboration in a secure virtual environment. Perfect for creating Enterprise Digital Twins for Industrial and IoT use cases, it provides workforces the ability to collaborate in real time with each other and machines to visualize machine processes and performance, access real-time telemetry data and remotely access machines to configure parameters to start and stop processes.


With 8agora creating a digital twin of your IoT appliance is a breeze!  Let 8Agora enable you to obtain and control important sensor information about your product, all in real time and from any device with a web browser. Our IoT Aquaponics Demonstrator demonstrates how we can display real-time telemetry data from sensors such as:

Humidity levels
Water levels
Adjust Light intensity and LED Spectrum
View Live Stream of plants all in real time!


Easy to use and manage, 8agora can help you streamline your operation, access real time telemetry data and optimize and manage energy costs with a Digital Twin of your facilities.  All in real time, from anywhere in the world and from any device with a web browser, 8agora can enable Facility Managers to access and monitor important sensor  data across multiple locations. 

Electricty usage
Power usage per facility
Hourly costs
Other key parameters 
All in real time!


8agora enables a digital twin that can be accessed remotely from any device and synchronize it in real time with the live product.
Enables interactive reading of sensor telemetry and processes data and maintenance information
Control and display key coordinates such as: head for each axis temperature data and more!


8agora offers a collaborative Virtual Reality Application-as-an-Interface to enable monitoring of Big Data by creating a digital twin of a factory and synchronizing the movement of virtual machines with the real machines.

Enables interactive reading of sensor telemetry and processes data and maintenance information
Show live video streams and image processing based on neural network and obtain real-time classification
Count different products from different stages of processing on an assembly line and send information to the cloud application
Enables web based AR applications for smart manufacturing architectures
Provides portability on any device in real time to deliver important information to operators: