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Master the show and create a modern agora to bring the world to you. Thanks to VR, experiential marketing is made easy and completely hassle-free. As an event organizer, you can set-up an ideal exhibition hub with customizable stands and booths, imaginative sponsor spaces and controllable live event times and attendance. As an exhibitor, you can showcase your product to your prospective clients and partners in the most engaging way, because 8agora enables your guests to interact with your product unrestricted by time, crowds or length of demos. The presentation and display features are virtually infinite, so that you can reveal the ideas that matter to you to everyone that matters.


Create real connection with your brand by memorably engaging your consumers. Use 8agora as a virtually infinite way to captivate your invites and secure brand loyalty. A VR exhibition not only represents a compelling differentiator, but also guarantees genuine involvement with the features of your brand, demonstrating its potential and all its utilities.


On 8agora, there is no limit to the size of event, duration or number of booths. There is no limit to the level of customization of exhibitor or sponsor spaces, and there is no limit to the number of visitors, either. Reducing logistics costs to a minimum and travel and accommodation costs to zero, your VR exhibition can be the international event you aspire for.


Lead the way and host a niche event, where main players and start-ups can get together to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with partners or potential customers, study recent market trends and explore new opportunities. Be it a public fair or an event dedicated to professionals from a specific industry. The 8agora exhibition platform can gather like-minded entrepreneurs, specialists and authorities in the field and take the industry pulse.


Exhibitions can be all-VR or can take place in both real-life locations and on 8agora


The duration of the exhibition and its visiting times are totally in your control, which is impossible to achieve in real life exhibition venues.


On 8agora you have wonderfully customized stands and branded spaces that are effective and expressive.


You can negotiate with your partners and save even more by exploiting strong revenue streams from the exhibition’s sponsor areas.


Opening speeches, guests’ welcome, networking breaks, media flashes; the presentation hall offers integrated conference features.


Going global has never been easier; 8agora offers the perfect venue for a world trade fair without the logistics constraints, drawing together and inspiring businesses and visionaries from around the globe.


  • Up to 100 simultaneous avatars inside 8Agora at a given time
  • Best for large events
  • Up to 100 user accounts
  • Large theater with speaker's desk, large screen, networking area, welcome bar and stage with welcoming band playing.
  • Full immersive interaction between users
  • Collision detection
  • Live audio communication
  • Surround audio quality
  • Synchronized viewing on all virtual screens when sharing screen or playing videos
  • Customizable 3D avatars w./ VR tracking system and default gesture desktop interface
  • Text chat
  • At speaker's desk: video conference system for users inside VR platform and outside world through mobile app.
  • Branded space wth personalized logo and corporate color
  • 3D model import, e.g. for product launches
  • Simultaneous audio translation
  • Speaker's desk multimedia presentation system, including slides, video, live webcam streaming
  • Polls
  • Snapshot tool for sharing photos on social media
  • Video and audio recording
  • Share contacts by shaking hands with other avatar
  • Audience engagement tools (aplause)