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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

For many people worldwide, education is a hard thing to come by. Good teachers aren’t at every school, budget cuts can shorten necessary resources instantly, and one lousy cough can disrupt a class for weeks.
But does it have to be this way?

Master the educational process by creating a modern classroom that makes  learning interactive and fun for teachers and students alike.

Thanks to 8agora, the educational process is now easy and barrier-free. With 8agora educators can set up an ideal educational center with labs and study rooms, where students can participate in various interactive courses. From science classes to history courses where students can travel through time and view historical places or scenes, art classes where students can visit various museums complete with guided tours, or engineering courses where students can visualize processes, mechanical gears in a three-dimensional way that in in the real world are impossible to penetrate.   It’s time for an interactive learning platform that enables a curriculum that offers unparalleled interactive environment that makes learning interactive and fun.  It’s about as real as you can get without building a school yourself!

There are millions of students in the United States alone that are provided with Chromebooks for their work studies. 8agora democratizes the metaverse by making our platform accessible to everyone from any device with a web browser. No heavy power hungry system requirements, no expensive special equipment… no problem


8agora provides a virtually infinite way to captivate your students, working collaboratively with classes of 20-25 students, based on a scheduled program, so only students who are registered for that class are able to get into the classroom at the designated class time. As an educator or student, you have at your disposal a multitude of tools for teaching, studying and collaborating in the virtual classroom.


Use 8agora as a means of e-learning and virtual training to learn from distance, having access to a virtual library of courses in various media formats (pdf, ppt, video, audio, etc.), online software terminals for learning programming software, training rooms to virtually simulate operation on various equipment or devices, before actual operation with real equipment.


Organize job fairs, where employers - companies and potential employees - specialists or beginners, recent graduates in various fields of study, can meet to introduce themselves, to demonstrate their skills and to express themselves, using the means of 8agora platform: real-time interview, entirely in the virtual environment or real-world interview with representatives connected in the virtual world via video conferencing system. All the presentation materials of both the employing companies and the potential employees can be easily integrated and accessed in the virtual fair, with one click.


Host an itinerary in which students can travel the world, visit museums or even travel through time to visit historical sites, enter inaccessible universes, and discover the secrets of the solar system.