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Overcome distance, increase comfort, encourage spontaneity and make the most of your team spirit. Get together in the same virtual workplace, no matter where you are on the globe. 8agora is the ultimate business meeting solution for distributed teams and for independent contractors to collaborate over distance. The platform enables clients and colleagues to meet and communicate in VR and helps contractors and freelancers share ideas and work on assigned projects without leaving the comforts of their home.


Your virtual meeting space includes all the tools of a business center and all the interactive features of the real-life meeting room, without the real-life constraints. You can join colleagues from any location, you can share your progress or supervise status briefs with any number of teams, as often as you need. You can all gather together to assess and brainstorm your 3D project model and to make real-time adjustments, as many as you want to.


Freelancers, consultants, artists and creative designers: your workspace will not be confined to a four-wall office. 8agora is the ideal solution for your business needs, while preserving your freedom and minimizing the costs. The virtual workspace can be as minimal or rich in features as you want, enabling you to showcase your portfolio, performing demos, meeting clients or conducting interviews in a beautiful and relatable way, regardless of time and distance.


Instead of trying to gather everyone across multiple office locations, time slots and time zones, you simply go to 8agora and just get things done.


You can attend meetings with the persona of your choice: opt for live video or for live VR presence, logging in with your avatar.


You can customize your space to the full extent of your brand expression and have the office of your dreams, literally.


You can immerse your clients into the context of your work, by having them actually interact with your product or brand.


The virtual collaboration enables quick get-together, easy brainstorming, infinite testing and revising sessions and guarantees faultless validation.


Project management gains from quick, real-life feedback and follow-up and benefits from reliable project updates, at all times.


  • Unlimited number of Avatars
  • Flexible time duration
  • Unlimited number of user accounts
  • Fully customizable space
  • Full immersive interaction between users
  • Collision detection
  • Live audio communication
  • Surround audio quality
  • Synchronized viewing on all virtual screens when sharing screen or playing videos
  • Customizable 3D avatars w./ VR tracking system and default gesture desktop interface
  • Text chat
  • Share my computer screen by broadcasting to any screen inside 8Agora (similar to Google Chromecast)
  • Play videos on dedicated TV or screen
  • Video conference system for users inside VR platform and outside world through mobile app
  • Whiteboard for brainstmorning
  • Fully branded and customized space by brief
  • 3D model import, e.g to enhance training sessions
  • Face customizable (from photo) avatars
  • Custom domain names
  • Organizer's revenue streams