Metaverse Business Collaboration

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Business Collaboration

Imagine a realm where physical boundaries dissolve, and your presence spans the globe simultaneously—that's the transformative impact 8agora brings to companies. It goes beyond conventional meeting platforms; it's a virtual replication of your authentic workplace, offering the freedom to navigate, utilize familiar tools, and showcase products with tangible realism. Whether it's offices, showrooms, studios, or factories, 8agora seamlessly connects individuals worldwide in shared virtual spaces.

Unlike traditional meeting platforms, 8agora is more than just a space for discussions; it's your entire corporate infrastructure accessible with a simple click, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. Enable teams and customers globally to interact seamlessly, fostering a profound sense of presence and connection within this virtual environment.

Our cloud-based client application sets you free from software installations, VR headsets, or high-powered computers. Accessible through any device with a web browser, all graphics rendering seamlessly unfolds in the cloud.

Upon login, avatars come to life using advanced AI algorithms, blinking, moving naturally, and lipsyncing with users' voices. Spatial awareness ensures avatars turn toward the active speaker, creating a remarkably lifelike experience. Navigation is intuitive, facilitated by arrow keys or a mouse. Our integrated AI algorithms even allow hands-free navigation through facial expressions—all seamlessly in the cloud.

Lifelike avatars, real-time productivity tools, and interactive features craft an authentic sense of presence, making virtual collaboration not just a necessity but a transformative and enjoyable experience. With 8agora, your home becomes your entire office in a virtual space that transcends physical boundaries, heralding a new era of work-from-home excellence.


A Business Center Sans Boundaries: Step into a virtual meeting space that transcends the limits of the physical world. 8agora offers all the tools of a business center and the interactive features of a real-life meeting room, liberating collaboration from geographical constraints.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere: Break free from the confines of location. Join colleagues from any corner of the globe. Share progress, supervise status briefs, and gather for project assessments—unrestricted and unlimited.

Dynamic Collaboration Tools: Our platform redefines collaboration with a suite of interactive productivity tools. Virtualize Microsoft Office Suite or custom software seamlessly, ensuring all applications become interactive for every user in the space.

Elevate Meetings to New Horizons: Experience meetings like never before with our live meeting tools. Record sessions, transcribe discussions with AI-driven precision, enable real-time language translation, and trigger events through voice commands. Pointer tools, handshakes, and contact exchanges add depth to your immersive collaboration.

True Collaborative Engagement: Designed for seamless collaboration, 8agora enables simultaneous use of productivity tools by multiple users, facilitating interactive sessions. The Scrumboard and whiteboard features empower collaborative project management and real-time brainstorming. Save and upload content effortlessly, allowing your virtual workspace to evolve dynamically. Welcome to a future where interactivity knows no bounds.


The possibilities are virtually infinite with 8agora! Your workspace transcends the limits of four walls—you can create, edit, and import 3D models in real-time, seamlessly evolving your virtual space. No need for recompiling; updates flow effortlessly. Tailor your virtual workspace, whether minimalist or feature-rich, to showcase your portfolio, conduct demos, meet clients, or even interview—all in a visually stunning and relatable way, eliminating the barriers of time and distance. 8agora empowers you to preserve freedom, cut costs, and amplify the impact of your work. Welcome to a new era of flexible and immersive business experiences.


Virtual Browser Interaction: Seamlessly engage with and virtualize any software, fostering collaborative browsing, and granting access to YouTube videos and websites within a virtual environment.

Scrumboard and Whiteboard Collaboration: Simultaneously participate in Scrumboard and whiteboard interactions. Save content locally or in the cloud, enhancing efficiency in collaborative endeavors.

Immersive Video Sessions: Record and share captivating video sessions from each avatar's perspective, enriched by 8agora's integrated GenAI for Video Transcription, adding depth to collaborative storytelling.

Dynamic Avatar Pointer Tools: Elevate presentations with dynamic avatar pointer tools that highlight focus areas, ensuring an engaging and interactive collaborative experience.

Effortless Screen Sharing and Presentation: Simplify content sharing and presentations with seamless screen sharing, presentation tools, and user-friendly upload capabilities, enhancing communication and information exchange.

Real-time Transcription and Translation: Overcome language barriers with real-time transcription and translation, fostering global collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Streamlined Document Collaboration: Print, share, and collaboratively work on documents, promoting a smooth exchange of information and enhancing collaborative workflows.

Interactive Smartboard or Display: Immerse yourself in collaborative excellence with Smartboard or Interactive Display, creating an interactive hybrid session that represents the future of collaborative engagement with 8agora.


Real-time Language Translation: Immerse yourself in a multilingual environment with our real-time translation feature, supporting over 200 languages. Break down language barriers effortlessly.

Voice Commands-Triggered Events: Command your virtual space with voice prompts, triggering events and actions seamlessly. Experience hands-free control for a more intuitive interaction.

Live Product Integration with Digital Twins: Leverage 8agora's customizable API to interface directly with your sensor hardware. Connect your live products to their digital twins for interactive demonstrations within your virtual environment. With 8agora's AI-driven API, you can collect, monitor, control, and display crucial sensor and telemetry data, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your products. Take control of your product directly in the cloud, extending beyond the Metaverse environment. Explore a new dimension of control and insight with 8agora.

Customizable Lifelike Avatars: Personalize your virtual presence with avatars that mirror natural movements, facial expressions, and synchronized lip-sync. AI-driven avatars not only interact with users but also with each other and surrounding objects, enhancing the immersive experience.

Generative AI Meeting Summaries: Maximize productivity with our Generative AI algorithm, which automatically summarizes meeting notes from avatar recordings. This feature streamlines post-meeting activities, making information easily accessible.

Hands-Free Facial Navigation: Navigate your virtual environment effortlessly using hands-free facial navigation. Expressions and head movements become the means to explore and interact, adding a layer of natural engagement to your virtual experience.


Seamless Entry: Effortlessly enter your virtual environment by logging in through a web browser, providing instant access to the immersive 8agora experience.

Versatile Navigation:
Navigate with ease using arrow keys, mouse, touch screen, controller, or embrace hands-free AI-enabled facial navigation, ensuring a tailored interaction experience.

Lifelike Avatars:
Witness avatars come to life through our advanced AI algorithm, showcasing natural movements, blinking, and synchronized lipsync with the user's voice.

Spatial Awareness:
Experience spatial awareness as avatars dynamically turn and direct their attention to the active speaker, enhancing the realism of virtual interactions.

Interactive Gestures:
Engage in physical interactions such as shaking hands to exchange contact information, fostering a more personal and humanized connection.

Avatar Location and Tracking:
Utilize virtual cameras for precise avatar location and tracking, enhancing the overall visibility and coordination within the virtual environment.

Immersive Audio Communication:
Engage in live bidirectional audio communication with surround audio quality, creating a truly immersive and realistic auditory experience.

Personalized Avatars:
Customize your 3D avatars with a VR tracking system and default gesture desktop interface, tailoring your virtual presence to match your personality.

Seamless Transitions:
Enjoy the flexibility to instantly transport from one virtual space to another, ensuring a fluid and dynamic experience within the 8agora environment.


  • Ease of Creation:
    Enjoy a seamless experience in crafting and refining virtual spaces directly through the user-friendly client application. The intuitive design ensures a hassle-free process for creating and editing your digital environments.

  • Versatile Virtual Content: 
    Elevate your creations with easy access to web applications and sounds from any web location, adding depth and richness to your virtual environment.

  • API Library Extension:
    Unlock limitless customization possibilities by effortlessly extending functionality using 8agora's robust API library. Tailor your virtual domain to meet unique requirements and enhance its capabilities.

  • Effortless Content Control:
    Take control of your domain content effortlessly with direct management and editing using our intuitive client interface. Import 3D models, create dynamic shapes, particles, web entities, zones, lights, texts, and materials directly within the 8agora platform, unlocking creative freedom.

  • Instant Visibility:
    Witness instant visibility as modifications made within the editor tool unfold in real time. Every tweak or addition becomes immediately visible to the entire collaborative network, promoting a fluid and responsive development environment without the need for recompiling.


Centralized 8agora Metaverse Database: Establish a robust foundation for seamless and efficient digital asset management, where the comprehensive capabilities of the Metaverse Database redefine the landscape of digital content organization.

Leveraging Decentralized Infrastructure: Empower your digital freedom and unleash potential with customer-owned assets by exploring the advantages of a decentralized infrastructure. Deploy domain servers hosted in Data Centers of your choice or on personal computers for a high level of customization, providing you with unparalleled control over your virtual domain.

Scalability with Domain Server Hardware: Scale Domain Server hardware resources according to your specific requirements. This feature ensures flexibility and efficiency in managing your digital assets, adapting to the evolving needs of your operations. The scalability seamlessly integrates with your growth trajectory, ensuring optimal performance.

Effortless Distribution of Services: Seamlessly distribute Domain Server services across multiple servers, unlocking a new realm of possibilities for collaborative experiences and operational efficiency. This capability facilitates simulations for numerous simultaneous users, enhancing the collaborative experience and operational efficiency to new heights.



Client Integration with Cloud GPU Server:  Indulge in the seamless integration of the client application with the streaming application, effortlessly hosted on an eco-friendly cloud GPU server. This holistic fusion guarantees not only optimal performance but also heightened accessibility to elevate your virtual experience.

Democratized Access:  Welcome the simplicity of our browser-based platform, where a mere click on the link transports you instantly into your virtual facility upon login. No convoluted setups, just pure accessibility tailored for your convenience.

Enhanced Security:  Bid farewell to the hassle of software installations on your device. The entirety of 8agora's application and services operate seamlessly on a single port (https 443), meeting the stringent security requirements of corporate networks.

Optimized Performance: Marvel at the efficiency of 8agora's compressed streaming method, ingeniously reducing the stream to less than 1MByte. This groundbreaking innovation empowers users to access even the most expansive virtual environments seamlessly from any device, utilizing just a standard internet connection.

Eco-Friendly Operation:  Embrace sustainability with 8agora's eco-friendly approach, where a single GPU adeptly renders multiple simultaneous sessions. This not only ensures efficiency but also positions 8agora as an ideal choice for green-energy data centers.