About Us

Welcome to 8agora, a pioneering force in remote streaming virtualization for the metaverse and digital twins. 8agora is a digital marvel that redefines the Metaverse with a fresh, democratized, and eco-friendly approach.

Imagine possessing the ability to be in multiple locations simultaneously—that's the essence of 8agora's revolutionary platform for companies! It seamlessly connects individuals worldwide, creating the illusion of shared physical space, regardless of the thousands of miles that may separate them. This isn't just about meetings; it's about virtually replicating your authentic office, showroom, TV studio, or even a factory directly onto your screen. Here, you can effortlessly navigate, employ familiar tools, and showcase products in a remarkably authentic manner. It's like having a digital twin of all your corporate facilities right at your fingertips, and the beauty of it all is that no special equipment is required for access.

While video conferencing and Metaverse platforms exist, 8agora takes collaboration and digital twinning to a whole new level. 8agora offers a unique blend of real-time collaboration, AI-powered avatars, and the ability to control physical products remotely. It's not just about having a meeting; it's about creating a virtual space where work feels as real and interactive as being in the same room.

Envision navigating our virtual space using just facial expressions, syncing avatars seamlessly with AI-driven voice interaction. But we don't stop at the virtual realm—we bridge the gap between digital and physical realities. Picture having a digital twin of your physical product, always in real-time view and controllable remotely, wherever you are. And guess what? We can turn any software into a virtual team player, making collaboration a breeze. Welcome to a world where teamwork meets tech, and the possibilities are virtually infinite.

At our core is the seamless integration of artificial intelligence and an innovative compression method that not only propels avatar interaction and team productivity to new heights but also enables multiple concurrent sessions on a single GPU server, establishing 8agora as a sustainable and energy-efficient choice. The decentralized model positions GPU servers and Virtual Environments within the customer's firewall, ensuring data ownership, sovereignty, and heightened security. 

The game-changer? We've revolutionized bandwidth efficiency, condensing even the most extensive virtual environments into a stream of less than 1 Mbyte. This innovation makes 8agora democratized and accessible to everyone, requiring only a device with a web browser and a standard internet connection. 8agora liberates users from the constraints of software installations, VR headsets, or high-powered computers, as all graphics rendering seamlessly unfolds in the cloud.

Lifelike avatars, real-time productivity tools, and interactive features combine to craft an authentic sense of presence, making virtual collaboration not just a necessity but a transformative and enjoyable experience.

In essence, 8agora is not just a metaverse. It's a dynamic, versatile, and sustainable Metaverse Framework, offering limitless possibilities. Join us on this journey, where innovation knows no bounds, and the possibilities are virtually infinite. Welcome to the future of virtualization with 8agora!

Meet the Founders

Lisa Orlandi
George Deac
Crina Deac
Michael Orlandi

We are a group of leaders, creatives, engineers, technology innovators and pioneers with diverse backgrounds from across the globe. We met through various work channels and recognized quickly a shared desire to improve the way people live, learn, connect, socialize, and communicate. Witnessing how the pandemic created a sense of isolation, challenges on how we connect on a daily basis and the significant impact it had our children’s education, the 8agora team came together to accelerate the development of a virtual platform that is accessible to everyone.

Our six co-founders formed 8agora fulfilling our dream by creating a parallel virtual universe that breaks all barriers of socioeconomic backgrounds by making 8agora’s virtual worlds accessible from any device. Our dream is not to replace human contact through virtual connections, but to allow all people everywhere to enter into a virtual world where they can soar beyond what is possible in the real world, and step into a world with infinite possibilities!

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