About Us

8agora breaks socioeconomic boundaries with a fresh approach to a democratized and eco-friendly Metaverse.  Taking its name from the traditional Greek open meeting space, 8agora is a vast digital improvement upon ideas and values from yesteryear and expands them to meet the novel demands of our electronic world.  

When COVID-19 changed the global landscape, it altered the way we work, learn, and connect in our everyday lives. The shift from physical to virtual, to hybrid meetings, has created unique challenges for Enterprise IT teams to support hybrid workforces and classrooms while continuing to adhere to strict enterprise security policies.

The Global market was heavily impacted by the spread of COVID-19 which has taken a heavy toll across education sectors such as K-12 and universities.  While the Metaverse aimed to provide a more immersive and interactive approach to learning, it has been met with several challenges from cost, security, health, and scalability, leading to slow market adoption.

This is where our story begins. When 8agora’s co-founders witnessed the devastation of the pandemic and the limitations of current market solutions, we pushed forward to solve the technology challenge and create a better future for our communities.

8agora enables a revolutionary built-from-the-ground-up architecture, that scales across use cases and industries to enable  a virtual world where people could work, learn, shop, socialize and create, all in real-time. We use a remote streaming method that redefines the server-client boundaries and moves all of the graphics rendering to the cloud, thereby reducing the internet requirements to 1-2Mbps to offer a high performance, low power, low latency solution for a "best-in-class" user experience. And unlike many competitors, 8agora is unique in that It requires no software installation and no expensive/power hungry gaming equipment or virtual reality headsets to utilize.   8agora is a true “plug and play” option that allows a new user to enter the metaverse in minutes with their own avatar. Not only can you work, collaborate, and create freely within 8agora like never before, but it is an entire world unto itself – the possibilities are virtually infinite!

Meet the Founders

Lisa Orlandi
George Deac
Crina Deac
Michael Orlandi

We are a group of leaders, creatives, engineers, technology innovators and pioneers with diverse backgrounds from across the globe. We met through various work channels and recognized quickly a shared desire to improve the way people live, learn, connect, socialize, and communicate. Witnessing how the pandemic created a sense of isolation, challenges on how we connect on a daily basis and the significant impact it had our children’s education, the 8agora team came together to accelerate the development of a virtual platform that is accessible to everyone.

Our six co-founders formed 8agora fulfilling our dream by creating a parallel virtual universe that breaks all barriers of socioeconomic backgrounds by making 8agora’s virtual worlds accessible from any device. Our dream is not to replace human contact through virtual connections, but to allow all people everywhere to enter into a virtual world where they can soar beyond what is possible in the real world, and step into a world with infinite possibilities!

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