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8agora is a Streaming subscription-based Metaverse service for professional organizations. We enable users to control avatars and 3D objects in a virtual environment, transforming traditional online experiences into immersive virtual environments. Whether your entire offices, a showroom, an exhibition center, a TV studio or even a factory. With 8agora, the future of connectivity is a tangible reality, fostering innovation without limits. Welcome to a united world powered by creativity, technology, and 8agora... Ride the cloud. The possibilities are virtually infinite!

In Ancient Greece, the Agora was the central public space—a bustling hub for commerce and social interaction. 8agora reimagines this timeless concept, making it infinite.

Empowering global organizations, 8agora transforms physical spaces into dynamic virtual worlds. Our cutting-edge AI and compression technology allow users to remotely control avatars, 3D objects, and even live machines beyond the virtual realm. Accessible from anywhere with a browser and internet connection, 8agora revolutionizes global collaboration, offering a seamless and interactive solution worldwide. Whether through interactive virtual collaboration or synchronized digital twins collecting and displaying live machine telemetry data, 8agora ensures productivity without boundaries. Embark on a journey with 8agora—the pathway to innovation, sustainability, and democratization. Join us, where the extraordinary is just the beginning.